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How it works

Meet ProboVAT! A powerful, state of the art compliance system that will revolutionise the way you undertake VAT compliance

ProboVAT is a comprehensive, simple and easy to use system to undertake quick, effective and regular VAT compliance through a single window. ProboVAT seamlessly integrates with your accounting software and imports VAT transactions. The transactions are categorized and analysed by ProboVAT based on certain pre-defined parameters. Any discrepancies in the transaction level data is identified by ProboVAT and prompted as alerts which can be rectified by the user immediately. Changes made to VAT transactions on ProboVAT are automatically updated on the accounting software. Once rectified, users can generate and submit the VAT return electronically directly to the HMRC website through ProboVAT.



View documents

Displays VAT invoices and back up vouchers through a single window

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Automated alerts

ProboVAT detects inconsistencies in VAT transactions and prompts alerts.

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Top 20 invoices

Displays a list of top 20 sales and purchase invoices sorted by value

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Edit transactions

The transactions edited on ProboVAT are automatically updated to the accounting software

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Review variances

Displays variance reports and charts for different VAT periods

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HMRC Obligations

ProboVAT connects directly to HMRC to fulfil all VAT obligations such as submit.

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